Group Exercise Sessions

Group exercise incorporates fast moving cardio that will have your body toned in no time. Our classes include Cardio Boxing, Circuit Training, Belly Blast and Total Toning.

You have a busy schedule, but you like the idea of getting (or keeping) fit in a group workout. Going to the gym on your own is fairly boring, isn’t it.

So, why not try our one of the fitness classes on offer at Shapes Gym?

We have a range of different classes available for you to choose, no matter what your current fitness levels.

If you want to get your heart pumping with a great weekly cardio workout then our box & burn class is ideal for you.

Working towards your fitness targets and having an energetic, enjoyable and productive lifestyle is what we want everyone to have here at Shapes Gym.

All of the classes are run by professionals in the fitness industry and take place in our fitness studio in Ribchester (about 10 mins drive from Clitheroe).

So, it’s an ideal location if you live near Blackburn, Accrington or in the Ribble Valley.